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My art is a very personal thing and something that I protect from compromise. I paint for myself and choose to focus on the positive side of life. My subject matter, whether it be landscape, still life, figure, or portrait is subject matter that I find pleasing. I enjoy the uplifting nature of this approach.

My work varies greatly in style and medium because I like to experiment. I work in watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic and mixed media on a variety of surfaces. Color excites me and I like to push it around and play with it. For the last several years, I've worked almost exclusively with a primary palette. I often flatten the design in my work with a stained glass effect, adding line when needed.

Even though I work in a variety of styles and media, one consistency is that people are a recurring subject in my paintings. I'm a very social person and have always had a lot of interaction with people. I have tendency to be sensitive to people's moods and I think this is evident in my portraits.

I enjoy not only the emotional but also the intellectual side of painting. Since math was my favorite subject in school, I am a bit of a contradiction as an artist; however, I think the fact that I enjoy analyzing the painting process makes me a better painter and a more effective painting teacher.

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